Media Coverage

After prolonged effort it is nice to see that the result of your labor is appreciated by a larger public.

Journalist Michiko Kurita wrote an article about our work in the EU MAG. This is an online magazine for the Japanese delegation in the European Union. You can read it here.

article EU MAG front

As craftsmen it is good to receive attention in the media. Out of experience I have long abandoned the idea that ‘if you just do great work all the work will come to you’. That might have been true for some people at some point in time but in todays society and economic climate a different approach will certainly yield better results. I would love to be just the cutout guy working for an outfit who only does super high-end work, remain the unknown craftsman who only needs to focus at the woodworking task handed to him. Unfortunately my path has brought me in a different position. One where I need to take responsibility for complete projects or large parts of them. I choose to be a professional carpenter. Professional also means that the chosen activity provides in your livelihood and in that case you better get your name out there or little interesting work will come your way.

In articles as these it sometimes looks like all the work is executed by a single person. From a journalistic point of view I can understand that the focus of an article is limited. However there were quite a few skilled carpenters who worked on this project and all contributed significantly:

Len Bracket, Dylan Cedar Hennings, Jacob Studebaker, Shawn McVeigh, Max Ducharme and last but not least someone who truly embodies the ideal of the unknown carpenter Walter Hardzog.