Black Forest Zendo joinery

First I had to get a head start on all the layout making sure everyone in the shop is occupied and doesn’t run out of work. This means I spend the weekend working. I don’t mind really since I always enjoy marking fine lines on freshly dimensioned wood.


I hope the pictures below give an impression of what we are making.

swordtip splice

tan joinery

sword tip 2

tan joinery 2

Defects like pitch pockets are inlayed.


Door parts.

diamond stile

door grating

I could write endlessly about the project and explain everything in detail but after a ten hour day I prefer to make myself a good diner and have enough rest instead of spending long hours behind a screen. Eventually the final result will tell the whole tale. In the end there is not much to say about it anyway, we just cut pieces of wood into smaller pieces of wood and figure out a way of connecting them together assuring structural integrity and a pleasing aesthetic.

Up ahead is more joinery, some carving work and then the ceiling.