by Mathieu

A few months ago I made a tansu for a Californian client and to keep the blogroll going I thought it would be nice to share some pictures.

tansu detail

Unfortunately I never bothered to take many pictures during the construction. The very few I took where made shortly after completing the work with the camera on my phone. No studio photography on this one.

The hardware is finely forged by Dan Chisler, very well made. These handles are much heavier then they look giving them a pleasant feel when you pull them.

drawer pull

A combination of Port Orford Cedar and Western Red Cedar was employed true the whole tansu. The contrast in colour will become less apparent over the next years when the Port Orford Cedar darkens slightly to a more golden hue.


So many tenons, double tennons and joinery of all kinds. It always amazes me how long it takes to build furniture if you intend to do it well.


Two hidden compartments and I will not reveal how to acces them.

Hudson tansu

This tansu was custom made to a specific size to fit in a constrained space in the owners house. I am sure it looks much better  installed in it’s final location instead of on this trolley in the workshop.