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Month: July, 2014

International Symposium WoodSciCraft 2014

Between 8 & 12 September there will be a unique international event at the university in Montpellier in the south of France. It is a weeklong symposium about wood sciences bridging the gap between craftsmen and the academic world. The event is described as:

 WoodSciCraft 2014 aims to create a gathering between wood scientists and wood craftsmen for a cross-perspective on the cultural and natural heritage of wood uses in Europe and Japan.

You can imagine that I was very excited when I read this especially when the organization asked me to give a presentation about Traditional Japanese Carpentry.

I really look forward to attend the symposium since I know that I wil meet some extraordinary people there, both craftsmen and academics. Besides it will be in Southern France around the best time of the year to hang out there.

If you somehow can make yourself available I strongly recommend you make the trip down there especially when you are interested in Traditional Japanese Carpentry.

You can read all about it here. To apply for registration follow the link on the page.

Below you find the program.

Program WoodSciCraft 2014




Plastering Workshop

The plastering workshop held in our backyard was a great succes and there where two reasons for this. First of all we had a great teacher Gerrit Van den Dries guiding us all weekend and passionately sharing his lifelong experiences in the most delightful way. His not only great with loam but foremost he is just very enjoyable company.


Reason number two where all the participants who showed up and worked vigorously all weekend to get as much work done as they could. There where old friends, people from all over the country and beyond. Germany or Italy are apparently not too far when there are good things going on.


I felt lucky to be surrounded by such a friendly crowd, and on top of that we got a lot done which leaves me with little work left.