Sumitsubo Pimpin’

by Mathieu

The sumitsubo (ink pot and string line) is one of the three scared tools and one of my most beloved items in my toolbox. As a layout nerd I immediately had to intervene when I noticed that my sumitsubo wasn’t performing as I wanted. In front there is a small hole true where the inkline passes. Usually this has a small plastic knob to guide the line and withhold it from cutting into the surrounding wood. The plastic thing, which I never really liked anyway, broke in half and fell out. Wondering how to fix this I remembered that somewhere I had a nice piece of mother of pearl which I picked up from a beach at the Lost Coast in Northern California.

The next question was, where is somewhere? Groping about my toolboxes I found a thin piece of copper pipe that would make the perfect companion for the mother of pearl I was about to inlay.

Pimped sumitsubo

It came out pretty well and I added a secret ingredient to my ink pot that makes sure my line don’t splatter and are as fine as they can possibly be. At least as fine as the line itself.

I took the opportunity to renew the line while I was at it. Sumitsubo pimped, fine tuned and ready for another round of layout.