Is it Dead?

by Mathieu

‘Agonizing inactivity’ could be the appropriate description regarding this blog’s (in)activity. I am sorry to have disappointed you dear readers but some events in life require so much attention that little time is left for play.

The last months my efforts were singularly focused on the work at hand and making sure the people who were working along my side remained busy and satisfied. Many obstacles were overcome, a lot was learned and fine work delivered. More on that later…

Today I just wanted to share this article with you. I came across it on the Japan Times website written by Judit Kawaguchi. It is a short interview with a sukiya daiku (teahouse carpenter) named Eiichiro Amakasu. Although short I found it very inspiring and it fuels my energy to keep trying to build beautiful things despite all the obstacles. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Too bad it doesn’t show any pictures of his work which I am sure is impressive.


For those of you who are not so familiar with woodworking and are wondering what Amakasu-san is holding in his hand; it is a woodshaving that can be as thin as 4 or 5 micron! These wood shavings are produced with a hand plane of which the blade has a very sharp edge. The surface on the wood created is the finest possible and is considered standard in the type of work we do.

So if you were wondering whether this blog is dead or not I can assure you it is still alive and I encourage you to keep checking it on a regular basis. There are a lot of cool things going on in and around our shop and I will report on them here. Posts may take a different form, sometimes shorter but more graphical, but their frequency will increase. You have to know that I really enjoy sharing all these carpentry related things with you, I just have to find a more efficient way of doing it.

See you all soon.