by Mathieu

I have been neglecting my blog recently and could give you a whole series of excuses but I won’t. It is not that I lack any subjects to write about it’s rather time that is limited. There are only so many hours in a day.

The last two weeks I have been preparing for the upcoming workshop and now I am finally ready. I wrote a 25 page paper for the participants and made most of the parts for the model they will be building. This morning I found a mistake in the paper, a small one but still significant. I messed up some numbers while calculating the length of a queen post. No worries, no harm is done.

Usually I work at my friends workshop but since it has been quite cold lately I decided to work inside in our spare room. Did you know you don’t need a workshop to do woodworking. Just two square meters of free space is plenty, three would be a luxury. I worked like this before so I am used to it. Back in the days when I lived in an apartment on the fourth flour in Antwerp my living room doubled as a workshop.

on the floor

A wooden floor and a nice solid slab of Sakura (cherry) with a planing stop is all a man could hope for. It would make the perfect shop.

Oh, did you notice the sanding paper in the picture. I know that is really embarrassing I shouldn’t be using that. I needed a small wooden hammer (the one on the pillow) to set my planes and decided to sand away the file marks on the handle. It’s ok you know, sometimes you need to let go of all those preconceptions.